Thursday, August 28, 2008

bacon pesto

Also known as What The Hell to Do With the Big Bucket of Basil From My Mom's Garden Pesto. I added some bacon because I had it in the fridge and we usually toss in a bit of pancetta to our pesto before serving anyway. This was fast, easy and tastes great.

Bacon Pesto
4 cups basil leaves
2 chopped up gloves of garlic
a handful of chopped bacon
a handful of chopped salty almonds
generous pinch of sea salt
a pour of white wine, around 1/4 cup
6 glubs of olive olive

I used my blender to puree it all together as it's always on my counter (margaritas, duh.) but a cusinart might be easier.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

phootobooth inspiration

I love this idea of blown-up phootobooth pictures as wall art from oijoyphoto so very much that I'm thinking of starting a photo wall project in my hallway. Instead of using old family photobooth pictures (since I don't have any of those) I'm going to crop and edit pictures of my kids to adapt the look a bit. And I'm starting with this picture of my Super H. He's a rockstar, afterall.