Thursday, February 15, 2007

the opposite of going to the park

I love bathtime. Please don't misunderstand, I relish the nights when it's mas' turn to wrangle slippery little bathers and monitor the output of water being splashed all over the floor. But when it's my turn I thouroughly enjoy it. I've mentioned before that I don't exactly play well with other parents. I avoid the playground if at all possible and definitely don't attempt to chat with the other parental types when I'm forced to bring my kids to the park for some fresh air (or drop them off at preschool every morning). Inevitably, I find myself infuriated at something another parent is doing that annoys me or makes me feel less than superior in my parenting skills. I've been known to make a comment (or fourteen) to mas in a tone (and at a volume) of voice that makes her want to bury me in the sand. Let's face it folks, you park parents really bug me.

But bathtime is a solitary parenting experience. I get to play with my kids while serving the greater purpose of making them smell like heaven on earth - all without the annoyance of other parents comparing their toddler's ability to do long division with the fact that my kid mostly likes to eat sand.

No judgement, no seething, just fun. All mine.