Wednesday, September 01, 2010

transition to Fall

We're transitioning from summer to fall as the school year starts again. It's always a weird time because it just begins to get truly hot in San Francisco in September and October, and while you're trying very hard to say goodbye to summer it feels a whole like what the rest of the country calls summer June through August when school is the last thing on anyone's mind. Prepping for the start of school helps a little. Slickers and rain boots are purchased (and will sit unused for at least 8 weeks). New jean gets shoved in the back of drawer while the shorts you've ignored all summer get pulled out. Lovely shaggy summer hair gets trimmed so you can actually see what your teacher is doing up there in the front of your overly hot classroom. Ah, San Francisco: you're weird.

"San Francisco is a funny place. Everyone says that and nobody laughs."
- CW Nevius