Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so true

"The 30-Second Rule, A Decision Tree" by Audrey Fukman and Andy Wright

Thursday, January 14, 2010


accidental camera/phone shot from yesterday that shows I've been keeping up the red lipstick resolution from last year.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a new year | a new post | a 2010 miracle!

It is entirely possible that no one aside from me will read this. Things like that tend to happen when you neglect a space like this for eight months. I just haven't been feeling it. Instead of thinking about blog posts I've been dwelling in the world of facebook status updates, tweets and pictures on flickr. I guess I currently have a short attention span and feel the need to sum it all up a little more expediently than this large white, empty space inspires in me. But I stumbled upon a list of resolutions I drafted for a post here a year ago and never published and was **shocked** and *amazed** and then slightly proud of myself about how many of them I'd followed through on. I love lists and use them frequently in my everyday life to keep my head from exploding, but holy moley do I tend to role my eyes at New Year's resolutions. So imagine my surprise when I opened the draft post and realized that I had, in fact: 1. taken a photography class 2. found a doctor to help me figure out if my three year old was just a big snorer or if he had mini-apnea 3. wore red lipstick more often 4. wore dresses more often 5. started composting before the Mayor had me arrested and 5. drove less on the weekends.

As much as I kind of wanted to punch 2009 in the face, I don't believe I've ever followed through on so many specific, personal-to-me goals in one year. Let's ignore the fact for a moment that I'd forgotten about the list all-together for the the better part of the year and that the goals themselves weren't all that earth-shattering to begin with. Let's instead focus on the fact that I did take Nicole Hill Gerulat's photo101 class (you should too, she's amazing). We did take Hadley to a pediatric ENT doctor and had, what turned out to be his enormous adenoids, removed and then spent the long, early days of July eating popsicles in a darkened room while watching cartoons instead of playing outside in the sprinklers until he was back to normal. He really does sleep better and longer and the snoring has stopped completely. I figured out, after making some very wrong decisions at the MAC counter, that I can add red lipstick to my trusty lip gloss to achieve a non-clown-like red lip look and have, thankyouverymuch, been wearing dresses more often. We've been composting for at least six months and I'm detesting it less and less everyday. And lastly, there are plenty of Monday mornings when I get in my car and realize the sunglasses or earrings or headband I'd been looking for all weekend had been right there in my car in the garage since I left it there Friday night after work.

For someone who hates making a plan because I'm pretty sure I'll hate myself for not following through perfectly that's one hell of a list, people. So, I think I'll let myself off the hook a bit on the blog pressure too. It's not always going to be long or profound or genius, but there will be something here more often in 2010. Probably something small or funny that I've already posted on my facebook status that only my mom and high school boyfriend will have seen anyway.

I'll be back soon(ish).
Happy New Year.