Thursday, September 27, 2007

you're sure of a big surprise.

Today was the annual Teddy Bear Picnic at The Bean's often-malinged preschool. Last year we were still in such a state of transition about whether we could actually take a whole year of this school and all their rules that I truly couldn't bring myself to go. This year I dragged myself and my camera and managed to enjoy myself. The simple fact of the matter is that kids are just better behaved, and therefore exponentially more adorable, when someone other than their parents is in charge. This year I didn't get all caught up on what to bring as our contribution to the picnic treats and what whatever we brought said about us. This year MAS had the brilliant idea of letting Q chose what to bring to feed the teddy bears and - in what I'm hoping is the next phase of parenting for us - he chose more quickly, effortlessly and appropriately then we ever could. This year I hid behind my camera and took pictures of preschoolers marching along a little hiking path and running around a field scattered with blankets with stuffed animals perched atop. This year I decided not to talk with anyone about where they're looking to put their little future-mensa members in kindergarten next year and what homemade halloween costume they're going to whip up in the evenings while I watch tv and order something online for six-times the cost. This year I hung out with my 4 year old who all of the sudden seems so big and so sure.

I have lots to learn from him.


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