Monday, October 23, 2006

tiny monsters (and I'm not talking about my kids)

So the preschool rules for Halloween have been sent down: No costumes at school on the 31st (wouldn't want to stain them prior to trick or treating!! read: we really don't what to deal with you hysterical parents) :: Please send your child in their costume on November 1 and 2. Uhm...okay cause it won't be trashed by then :: & Please send your child with 30 treats, but if at all possible, don't send candy.

I know you think I'm about to rant here, and as much as I relish my righteous outrage at the preschool leadership, I was happy to be challenged on the 30 non-candy treats thing. It provided a good excuse to order oodles of my favorite version of crack for kids.

A few years ago, I bought these little beauties for MAS and then baby-Bean's stockings and they've since provided hours of fun. We've managed not to lose most of them (a miracle in and of itself, maybe they're infused with actual magic). Buddha loves them beyond explanation and MAS has come up with a new technique of using the finger puppet opening to suction cup them on our checks - as in "hey, Bean, there's something on you're face!" followed by peels of laughter and "do it again!".

Cheap at any cost.


Blogger Maria P. said...

Your preschool is very...
uh interesting. LOL ;)

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