Thursday, November 02, 2006

they're everywhere

Toy cars liter my world. These images are a few real life snapshots I've stumbled upon recently - just a few of what could be hundreds. I find toy cars in my bed, in the shower, in my work bag, the washing machine and underfoot every day. I've literally left work early and used precious vacation hours to go home to pick them up. I probably should have gotten stitches on the bottom of my foot from stepping directly onto the upright ladder of a fucking toy fire engine. That spot bled for hours and still hurts when I've been on my feet for awhile. ::I'mnotkidding:: Some parents stock up on snacks and juice before they leave the house for any period of time - we have to make sure the diaper bag and all little boy pockets are fully-loaded with toy cars. The point here is that I am the mother of two boys. Two boys being raised by two women (at least it's a fair fight). Two boys who we swore would have access to all kinds of toys, not just "boy toys", but dolls, kitchen toys, sweet little stuffed animals. ::Yeah, right suckers:: Bean's been obsessed with toys cars since he could reach for them. We still don't quite honestly know whether or not he's right or left handed as he always has a car in his right hand so often uses he left to do actual survival things - like eat. The baby buddha's following close behind in paying homage to die-cast metal. We don't stand a chance.


Blogger L. said...

We have toy cars AND sharp little doll accessories...and of course there`s nothing like stepping on a LEGO.

The upside of your toy car situation: it is highly unlikely you will never have to make the call whether or not to allow a Bratz doll into your home.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Maria P. said...

My son too is addicted to cars, trucks, trains -anything with an engine. He too has has dolls and kitchens and such just as long as he has had "boy" toys.

Those damn 99 cent HotWheels are every where. No matter how much you clean you will find another one.

2:10 PM  
Blogger Meena said...

Ah, a kindred spirit! We also have tons of matchbox cars, EVERYWHERE!!! My 3 yr old likes to line them up like a train or "park" them EVERYWHERE! I swear, we must have hundreds of them. You are not alone. :-)

5:27 PM  

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