Wednesday, July 12, 2006

back to reality

Lake Tahoe was great. Not the Tahoe of our youth - no poolside cocktails whilst playing cards or reading magazines, no kayaking across a glassy silent lake, no leisurely breakfasts made by people we don't know and don't have to clean up after - all indulgences made next to impossible with a one year old (who still naps twice a day) and a three year old (who refuses to sleep. ever.). Lots of back and forth between the condo and the pool. Lots of sunscreen and snacks and pool rings. Not so much reading or snoozing in the sun. It really is a whole new world, but the doods had so much fun it's hard to complain (even though I try). I did manage one perfect swim in the Lake from a pier to a swim dock in the middle of what felt like nowhere. Made the whole thing feel just right. Just like always. I've fairly consistantly been a parent who has a hard time adjusting to how much these small humans have changed my life. Constantly trying to drag an unfailingly cheerful MAS into my whinny "remember when...?" game. A nasty side effect of liking your pre-kid life very much. I vividly remember driving to the after-hours/weekend pediatric clinic one bright & clear Sunday morning a few weeks after the Bean was born, for what turned out to be some insignificant ailment, weeping to MAS that it wasn't that I didn't want him around, I just wished he could fit a little better into our routine. You know, the one with Sunday brunches and sleeping through the night. I know a lot of it was just the stark newness of it all, but it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that feeling, just a few short years ago. I've most definitely had it less and less as I adjust (okay, submit, give-over, whatever...) to the whole parenting thing and add to my memory bank with imagines of new front teeth grins, waking up to baby hands on my face, the monkey-like toodler hugs and just how great they smell. All those moments when I just close my eyes and think "remember this, this is what it's all about" over and over. My kids rule. They are each perfectly perfect in their very own realness. Bean is articulate, engaging and as funny as anyone I've ever met in my entire life. The Baby Buddha smiles and giggles and makes me chase him around until I just give in to his cheerful chaos. Everyday I feel lucky that they are mine and I am theirs. Have I mentioned how much I love their feet? I have a serious obsession with their little feet. And where better to get my fill of their pigs than poolside?? - right between changing swim diapers, blowing up pool toys, fetching juice, telling above mentioned little feet to stop running and the sunscreen, oh god! the damn sunscreen......


Blogger Pixie said...

Oh that picture of the swimmer made me gasp with, well, with joy I guess. It is fabulous and I want to live with it! Oh the feet! It was baby wrists that got me...just my own babes and toddlers though. And suddenly they have long bony feet bigger than mine, and wrists I never see these days!!It's a funny thing to have been so familiar with those little bodies to have young men in the house from whom a hug must be stolen most times, although it is not (yet?) unwelcomed. Keep writing, I'm enjoying your blog.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Mom101 said...

Suddenly I have a major jones to go to Tahoe. Also to go wake my baby and eat her feet.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Domestic Chicky said... feet. There is nothing so delicious in this world than baby feet. The nape of the neck of a sleeping baby used to hypnotize me too...but my little man is not the sleeping in arms type, so it has been awhile since I have gotten so lost.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Domestic Chicky said...

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Blogger Domestic Chicky said...

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12:54 PM  
Blogger Domestic Chicky said...

Ugh...ever had one of those days???

First post, click on "done" - she made a string of banners.

1:00 PM  
Blogger AMorris said...

That trip sounds like what I have to look forward to. A recent 1st trip with baby brought some new traveling issues to light. Funny stuff.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Whitney said...

Hiya, Just found you through CityMama. Trying not to be offended by your hate of the East Bay.

This photo is wonderful. You should enter it in the contest Summer Toes contest that tracey is having at this URL:

9:16 PM  

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