Wednesday, June 28, 2006

summer glide

Another perfect piece of inspiration - this time for the grown ups. This is an Eric Zener painting called Summer Glide . The water imagery is so spot-on. Don't you feel like you're just floating looking at it? Perfect, as I'm attempting to get my little family ready for a few days in Lake Tahoe.

This will be me next week. I'm trying to make it my state of mind until then.

We need this break. In Early August we will have owned our new place for a year. It will be a bittersweet anniversary. The whole experience of buying a building and subsequently attempting to sell a teeny-tiny loft, deal with tenants, selling the lower unit in the building we ending up buying on our own, entering into a Tenancy-In-Common relationship with the new buyers, juggling loans and mortgages - all the while attempting to be present and engaged with our two small humans. It's taken a toll. We're still reeling from the bottom-dwellers that were our first realtors and the parade of freak stagers and painters that came with them. We still owe a real estate attorney some money (on top of the 3 grand we originally gave them to negotiate the tricky waters that are SF renter laws), my ever-patient dad for his help with the original down payment, as well as a forthcoming supplemental tax bill on the whole building since we bought it for approximately 4x what the guy before us did. The middle class squeeze feels real. Very real. But there's fours days at a blue lake in our future. My kids will smell like sunscreen and ice cream and sand at the end of the day and I'm gonna just summer glide for a little bit.

Did I mention that MAS received an email that she got a second interview for a semi-dream job. Great, except that it's smack dab in the middle of the little getaway I just lovingly extolled above?? uuuuh-hum, WTF?? She's attempting to get them to "re-schedule" (pretty please with sugar on top). Who schedules a round of second interviews during the Fourth of July week? Punk-ass jokers, that's who.


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