Friday, June 09, 2006

I really should have learned to sew.

Images like this make me really irritated that I shunned home economics in high school. Damn Free to Be You and Me!

I must have this fabric bunting for Buddha's nursery or I will die. I love the clean, simple lines of the fabric and the colors! oh! the beautiful colors. Couldn't you just stare at them

Yet, I just can't see spending around thirty bucks per strand on something that I now must be really simple to make.

Some of the first blogs I ever came across that caught my interest were craft blogs. Sites like Little Birds, Posie, Loobylu (on whose awesome kid site Kiddley I found this heart-stopping image in the first place) and Hop Skip Jump literally make me ache. I'm crafty in a cooking- pulling things together- photography- gardening sort of way. But these gals are artists. So amazing.

So that's that. I must learn to sew. I admit I'm a little put off thinking that my expectations of what I want to make with far exceed my ability, but you gotta start somewhere, so here I go. I'm freakin' going to make me (and my baby) some fabric bunting.

Here begins one of the major goals of writing all these things down. My private equivalent of saying them out loud. I'll have to report back (even if it's just to myself) that I said I'd do it and I will. That, and I really want to take the time to create things. I want it for me and I want it for the kids. It'll be fun. This site will keep me honest.


Blogger Domestic Chicky said...

Great first project, mama. Very easy. If you need help, just email. - IM works too. So glad you came by my blog and said hi. SF is one of my favorite places on earth. We ususally go up every other year for Notre Dame Stanford Game (ugh-I just go up to be in SF)

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