Friday, November 21, 2008

in the meantime

we'll stop shopping at Whole Foods and start shopping at Trader Joe's.

we'll cancel HBO and Showtime.

the Cutie Q won't go to his after school program.

we'll drink less {sob}.

we'll have the most stripped down version of Christmas I've yet to experience and it will be simple and sweet.

we'll thank our lucky stars that our boys are healthy and strong and happy - no, joyful.

we'll stop buying toy cars from every damn store we walk into (so that joyful thing may subside a bit.)

we'll be thankful that we love to read almost as much as we love to breathe and that we have access to a great public library system.

I'll stop trolling etsy.

we'll take stock and attempt to appreciate all that we have.

we'll stretch and juggle to hold onto a house that we've work so hard for and we'll remind ourselves that in the end, it's just a house. We are each others home.

this is the first of many list that I'll write to remind myself how fortunate I am. In the midst of being scared as we face the fact that our double-income status just got brutally halved yesterday. A beloved job, a necessary job, but a job none the less. Not a life. This is what I'll do in the meantime to keep from going crazy.


Blogger L. said...

You gotta hate it, when life hands you something like this.

Hang in there! (And don't drink TOO much less!)

8:14 PM  

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