Thursday, April 10, 2008

new house numbers for an old house

As soon as we complete our condo conversion process in this wacky little city, I'm thinking a celebratory gift to the house might be in order. We've spent months and months writing checks for work that nobody will ever see - patching holes in the ceiling of the garage, building a strange concrete step at the bottom of our back stairs and grounding billions of outlets - all in the name of bringing things up to code in our two-flat 100+ year old Victorian. This is on top of paying lawyers and permit fees and on and on. Just off the top of my head I can think of three thousand things I would have rather spent so much time and money on. A back deck would have been very enjoyable. New windows to replace the original windows in a house full of windows. New sod in the tiny patch of spotty grass in the backyard. New window coverings to replace the levolor blinds I swore the day we bought the house would be the first thing to go {hello two years later!}. You know, things that actual people, not just City inspectors would notice. Things that I would notice and that would bring complete joy and happiness to my family and our TIC partners downstairs who also have small children who seem to always needs things. Like shoes and food. So, to celebrate when this is all behind us I think we'll modernize the ugly brass house numbers that currently adorn the front stairs with these beauties. I can't wait.


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